рецензия альбома SIXX: A.M. - "This is Gonna Hurt" на англ.

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рецензия альбома SIXX: A.M. - "This is Gonna Hurt" на англ.

Сообщение kosa » 23 май 2014, 19:54

рецензия альбома SIXX: A.M. - "This is Gonna Hurt" на англ.

"This is Gonna Hurt" is probably one of the most anticipated 'follow up' albums of 2011. The CD is a sequel of sorts to 2007's "The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack." While "The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack" was a tie in with Nikki Sixx's autobiography, "This is Gonna Hurt" is named after Nikki's second book (which is a photo pictorial of sorts), released earlier this year.

After listening to the disc the first time, I immediately noticed that there were two elements from "The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack" missing on this new release. The first being that are no spoken word diatribes by Nikki on any of the songs. The second thing missing are the Tim Burton-esque, "Nightmare Before Christmas" sounding musical interludes. While I was happy they skipped Nikki's monotone ramblings this time around, I really missed the little, oddball instrumental pieces. While the end result gives Sixx Am more of a mainstream appeal, I find that it makes them a little less 'unique' in my book.

I have to say that I am not a fan of the CD's track listing. In the way they have the songs ordered, the album starts out really strong and heavy (in a "nu-rock" fashion), and then kind of fades out at the end, giving the listener a sense of a Sixx Am 'sophomore slump.' In my opinion, having 4 out of 11 songs being ballads is too much, and having the majority of them, near the end of the CD, doesn't help.

Thankfully, the good does outweigh the bad on "This is Gonna Hurt." The songs, "This is Gonna Hurt," "Lies of the Beautiful People," "Live Forever" and "Help is on the Way" are all killer songs, filled with great hooks, tasty melodies, all of which give Sixx Am their 'charm.' They maintain their identifiable sound, which sets them apart from other bands in their genre. That being said, Sixx Am seem to be expanding their 'sound,' as the song "Sure Feels Right" has a heavy Butch Walker flavor, and "Oh My God" reminds me of the band, Kopek.

Fans of Sixx Am will definitely love "This is Gonna Hurt," but the ones who enjoy their heavier material, may be somewhat disappointed in the rocker/ballad ratio of the CD. It will be interesting to see how "This is Gonna Hurt" fares, considering at the time of this review, Nikki Sixx has stated that there are absolutely NO PLANS to tour in support of the disc, due to his commitments with Motley Crue and Dj Ashba's tour plans with Guns N' Roses.
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