VINCE NEIL LOLs At List Naming AXL ROSE 'World's Greatest Singer' на англ.

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VINCE NEIL LOLs At List Naming AXL ROSE 'World's Greatest Singer' на англ.

Сообщение kosa » 30 май 2014, 09:24

VINCE NEIL LOLs At List Naming AXL ROSE 'World's Greatest Singer' на англ.

**UPDATE**: After this story was posted earlier today, Vince Neil deleted the Facebook message that is referenced in the article. He has offered no explanation or further comment on the matter.

The original story follows below.

MÖTLEY CRÜE's Vince Neil (pictured) has laughed off the recent list of "The World's Greatest Singers" which placed GUNS N' ROSES frontman Axl Rose in the top spot. The chart ranked vocalists based on their vocal range and claimed Axl's recorded notes spanned nearly six octaves, from F1 (in the 2008 "Chinese Democracy" song "There Was a Time"), in the second-lowest octave in scientific pitch notation, to B flat 6 (in GN'R's cover of THE DEAD BOYS' "Ain't It Fun", which appeared on the group's 1994 covers album "The Spaghetti Incident?"), five octaves above it.

Neil, who is frequently criticized for running out of breath and dropping lyrics on a regular basis while performing with MÖTLEY CRÜE, took to his official Facebook page earlier today (Thursday, May 29) to write: "News just said Axl Rose is the greatest singer of all time? #LOL"

Back in 2009, Neil slammed Rose in an interview with U.K. newspaper The Sun. Neil said that Rose let GUNS fans down with the "Chinese Democracy" album, which featured none of the original members of the band except for Axl and arrived after a 15-year wait. Neil added that fans have just gotten sick of Rose and his antics, even claiming that the singer canceled a tour in support of the record. Neil said: "For ['Chinese Democracy'] to fail was pretty crazy after so many years of being recorded. Then the tour got canceled.

"A buddy of mine [presumably referring to current GUNS N' ROSES guitarist D.J. Ashba, who also plays in SIXX: A.M. with MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx. — Ed.] went to go play guitar for him. They rehearsed for three months and Axl never once turned up. Rule number one: show up!

"He's been doing that for many years. Finally I think the fans just went, 'Fuck it — can't do this anymore.'

"You can't be a fan when you can't see the band."

Neil added: "I heard one track [off 'Chinese Democracy'] and then it just disappeared off the radio. It was never talked about again."
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