отчет с концерта - Motley Crue, Poison and New York Dolls @ Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, Toronto, Ontario 2011 на англ

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отчет с концерта - Motley Crue, Poison and New York Dolls @ Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, Toronto, Ontario 2011 на англ

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отчет с концерта - Motley Crue, Poison and New York Dolls @ Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, Toronto, Ontario 2011 на англ

The tour of the summer made its way to Toronto for its only Canadian appearance. Nikki Sixx has said in the past that Motley would never share the same bill as Poison. Due to the outpouring demand of the fans, it has finally happened.

The legendary seventies punk outfit The New York Dolls started the night off in front of a partly filled venue. As the band walked out all wearing sunglasses, singer David Johansen took the mic and proceeded to tell the crowd the only Canadian joke he knew which referenced Saskatchewan. Starting the 40-minute set was “Looking For A Kiss.” Johansen announced that Sylvain Slyvain “had a snout full of that brown acid and would be alright in a couple days.” Filling in on guitar was Toronto’s own Tim Welch of National Velvet fame and he did great. Rounding out the line-up were all new members; Jason Sutter on drums, Kenny Aaronson on bass and Earl Slick on guitar, leaving vocalist David as the only original member. In support of their new album “Dancing Backward In High Heels” two selections were performed, “Talk To Me Baby” and “Kids Like You.” The band put on a solid performance, but I’m not sure this was the best tour for them.

Celebrating their 25th anniversary L.A. glam rockers Poison took the stage next. The crowd had increased substantially by then. A masked man emerged on the stage and proceeded to spray paint the white drum heads with “Toronto” and “Canada Eh.” Removing the bandana from his face and taking off his hoodie, it was none other than drummer Rikki Rockett. Once the band went into “Look What The Cat Dragged In,” singer Bret Michaels raised up from below the stage right behind the drum kit. He was sporting a Canadian flag bandana. A huge black backdrop featuring a skull and top hat smoking a cigarette with Poison 1986-2011 was prominent. Similar graphics and the “Open Up And Say...Ahh!” album cover along with the number “25” and skulls & crossbones in silver were displayed on the stage as well. Along for the 50-minute ride was bassist Bobby Dall and guitarist C.C. Deville. There was also a keyboardist side stage. For “Ride The Wind” Bret went on with his usual “you wanted it, so we put it back in the set” speech. He’s been saying the same thing for so many years now, he should cease. Great harmonica playing from Michaels during “Your Mama Don’t Dance” and he thanked Canada for making “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” Poison’s first number one song. Fire and pyro were used throughout the set as well as two additional backdrop changes. For the last song “Nothin’ But A Good Time” Toronto native Sal Coz Costa from My Darkest Days was invited out to play rhythm guitar. Poison still puts on a high energy performance to this day and this short set left many fans wanting more.

At 9:25pm, without warning, a series of loud explosions went off, the curtain came down and it was time for Motley Crue. All four original members Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Mick Mars and Vince Neil are celebrating 30 years together. The opener “Wild Side” had Vince Neil and two female dancers sliding down a fireman’s pole to arrive onstage in classic, over-the-top Motley fashion. The stage was filled with Tommy’s circular roller coaster drum set-up in the center and there were big curtains on the sides. Nikki had a unique suspended trapeze hanging mic that swung. There was a large circular screen at the back and more screens on top and all over showing visuals and there was a full lighting presentation. Of course Motley had all the fire, pyro, smoke and explosions you expect from them during the 95-minute set. “Same Ol’ Situation” featured the backup dancers strutting their stuff on church pews and “Primal Scream” had some great pyro and the start of Vince and Nikki being playful on stage. A white faced Tommy Lee came up front to interact with the crowd before jumping on the piano for “Home Sweet Home.” The band also did fist bumps at the piano as a bonding moment and Nikki had ‘Toronto’ written on his bass. The crowd sang along loudly during this song. “Don’t Go Away Mad” was performed differently for once and threw me off. A snippet of Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You” was added to it.

The highlight of the show was certainly Tommy Lee’s 360 roller coaster drum solo. While playing to music he went side to side, upside down and all the way around. And if that wasn’t enough, he picked a lucky female fan from the audience, strapped in her in as well and went around three times. Well, it turned out that lucky fan was none other than Kerry Kasem (Sixx Sense Radio show.) The camera caught her excitement on the screens. Mick Mars who was shredding on guitar all night played a short guitar intro prior to “Looks That Kill” that featured the dancers in silhouette. Also during this song, fans submitted photos texted in from the night which were then displayed on the screens, I recognized some faces for sure. Before “Too Young To Fall In Love” it was Nikki’s turn to interact with the fans, he was wearing some cool make-up on his face and neck. He asked the crowd to sit down and pretend it’s the church of Motley Crue. He talked about how cool his band was and had a great quote, “Without chaos there’s no reason to be alive.” On the count of three, everyone jumped up and the song started. “Girls Girls Girls” had images of women on the screens and even a shot of Justin Bieber for good measure. Fans got to vote on this tour’s set list and for the most part it was all the same hits, however “Smokin’ In The Boys Room” was requested and added back to the show. The band revamped it and it sounded great. Before the last song, “Kickstart My Heart,” the girls had flame throwers and were shooting the top of the stage which caused pyro explosions. The band all returned in coveralls. At the end of the night the complete troupe came out for a bow. Buckets were brought out containing blood that were thrown into the crowd and the people up front got drenched.

Set Lists:

Motley Crue:

Wild Side
Saints Of Los Angeles
Live Wire
Shout At The Devil
Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.)
Primal Scream
Home Sweet Home
Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
Drum Solo
Looks That Kill
Dr. Feelgood
Too Young To Fall In Love
Ten Seconds To Love
Girls, Girls, Girls
Smokin’ In The Boys Room
Kickstart My Heart


Look What The Cat Dragged In
I Want Action
Ride The Wind
Your Mama Don’t Dance
Guitar Solo
Fallen Angel
Unskinny Bop
Drum Solo
Every Rose Has It’s Thorn
Talk Dirty To Me
Nothin’ But A Good Time

New York Dolls:

Looking For A Kiss
Dance Like A Monkey
Cause I Sez So
Who Are The Mystery Girls?
Talk To Me Baby
Kids Like You
Personality Crisis
Jet Boy
Ничто не вызывает с такой силой прошлого, как музыка; она достигает большего: когда она вызывает его, кажется, будто оно само проходит перед нами, окутанное, подобно теням тех, кто дорог нам, таинственным и печальным покровом.