Текст песни группы Motley Crue - Let Us Prey - Generation Swine (1997)

(Motley Crue Let Us Prey - Original Song Lyrics)


Motley Crue - Let Us Prey - оригинальный текст песни с альбома группы Motley Crue - Generation Swine (1997)


I'm the reason women bleed
It's been called 'The Curse of Eve'
Ancient times to modern lies
You know my name

Turned your pleasures into pain
You made love, I give you AIDS
My pollution gives you cancer
Of the brain

Yet to me you sell your soul
Fame and glory plated gold
You're such an easy
Prey for me

Please let us prey
Please let us hunt
Seven million bodies lying dead
Beneath my hands

War was such a simple game to play
Preachers do my bidding
Yet blame me for their sins
Altar boys are taken in dismay

Kill and eat your neighbors
Gas a subway in Japan
I got more apocalyptic plans

Please let us prey
Please let us hunt
Suicide genocide


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